Mick Hucknall to join The Faces!

 So there you have it.
  You decide to reform one of the key swaggering rock ‘n’ roll bands of the seventies, a band whose very name is the bench mark in slovenly rock n roll excess. A band who was fronted by one of the great, gravel voiced singers and a band who oozed a louche charisma and a band who almost matched the Stones at their pomp and at their own game.
  The trouble is your ex singer is not keen so you have to draft in a new vocalist.
  Not easy.
  It’s a problem that faces many bands over the years.    
  It comes at that point of time when you just want to rock n roll for one last time but you can’t quite get the rest of old crew to agree- especially the singer whose by now and international superstar. Getting a different singer in is the hurdle most long-term rock bands have to surmount sometime and some get away with it.
   So you cast your eye around the scene. There’s plenty of charismatic, dishevelled, gravel voiced waifs out there so what do you do?
   You phone Mick Hucknall!
   Yup, the Faces reunion has hit a stumbling block.    
   Instead of Rod Stewart who, younger readers may not be aware, was one of the totemic rock n roll singers of his time, the band have somehow asked the flame haired Manchester white soul boy into the band.
   Now this is not an anti Mick Hucknall rant.    
  There’s a lot of really good things about him- apart from the fact that he is technically a great singer- taht he coolly doesn’t blab on about. He used to run a great dub and reggae label called Blood and Fire that made sure the penniless originators of the form were paid after years of neglect. He is an encyclopaedia of music and a proven stadium filling success.    And it’s not like he not an old rocker- he was one of the Faces on the original Manchester punk scene and a big Clash fan.
   Meanwhile musically, even if Simply Red are a touch to polished for a pair of underground ears then his former band, from back in the mists of Manchester punk- the Frantic Elevators cut some fine records.    
   Nope, this blog is not anti Mick, this blog is just a bit shocked at this most unlikely of couplings, Mick Hucknall and the Faces are many things to many very different people. The Faces were the prime example of hooligan blues in the superyob seventies whilst Simply Red soundtracked a more sedate suburban grown up audience. There is very little common ground between them and the pairing will have promoters feeling nervous.
  It isn’t the first time a band have tried to patch up the line up and try to catch some of the old magic. Maybe Faces were thinking along the lines of Queen and Paul Rogers or even the rumoured Aerosmith and Billy Idol partnership that didn’t eventually happen, maybe it was the Led Zeppelin crisis when Robert Plant decided against more shows after the O2 comeback- there was all manner of crazy names in  air for the Zep job but luckily Jimmy Page saw sense unlike the Faces who it could be said have maybe strayed a little too far from their hallowed hometurf with this decision.

9 Responses to Mick Hucknall to join The Faces!

  1. dannydeathdisco says:

    brilliant written John.. My issue has never been with Hucknall, as you say he has many good attributes and even his Simply Red stuff is good in its field.. its just the matching of Faces and Mick Hucknall…

  2. tino palmer says:

    indeed, brother john, an odd pairing. it will be fun though….seeing all the sweet mannered simply red fans getting blasted with ‘stay with me’, or ‘pool hall richard’…..see those hairdos get pinned back. or they just rush for the exits…..

  3. Geoff says:

    Anyone recall The Doors fronted by Ian Astbury? :0)

  4. Pete Stevens says:

    I first heard the news on the radio and was momentarily surprised that Rod had finally given in….until the jaw-dropping shock of…..Mick Hucknall on vocals !??!?

    Like many others, I’m no fan on Simply Red-era Mick Hucknall and reserve the same personal disdain I have for The Human League, but it must be said he CAN hold a tune and rockin’ up that white soul voice may just work.

    I can see portly, middle-aged Simply Red fans choking on their hot dogs when Mick launches full tilt into Borstal Boys or Three Button Hand Me Down…The face may not fit, but the voice may well do.

    Wouldn’t it be great to see a couple of warm up gigs at the 100 Club perhaps !

  5. iani says:

    I do recall him playing some warmup gigs at the late great Roger Eagles’ international in the early-mid 80’s and Mick could bang out some old blues and R&B classics (got my mojo working was one I recall 25+ years later) back in the day…

    This was either with the lawnmower, or the early ‘red, simply red’ days of 84-5, a while before holding back the years was issued.

    If he can sing with as much gusto as he did then then you may well be surprised!

    I’m slightly more concerned about Glen Matlock, he’s ok, but hardly in the same class as the late great Ronnie Lane…

  6. elis says:

    Hucknal CAN really sing.As time has shown he is blowing everyone away with his Faces performance at The Vintage. Maybe NOW he will be known for the great artist he is. America has ignored him for so long time for fame in the USA

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