Carol Clerk RIP

Carol clerk RIP

The tragic news of music journalist Carol Clerk’s death is bouncing around the net.

Another sad death in the recent roll call she won’t be forgotten.

Few writers capture the demented spirit of rock ‘n roll but Carol had the knack of translating the quicksilver ether of the music and turning it into the printed word. She also dared to tread into music scenes that are too rock for most writers and was one of the few champions of the severely underrated second wave of punk as well as being one of the few genuine characters on the music scene.

I last saw her last autumn when she came down to my spoken word and reading night in London where she read out an extract from her brilliant Hawkwind book. I hadn’t seen her for a long time and it was great to see her again.

I had no idea she was ill at the time but she was, as ever, great company and her reading was inspiring.

Her Hawkwind book, ‘the saga of Hawkwind’ for me, is easily up there with the classic rock books- thoroughly researched, brilliantly written, it was an enormous undertaking that captured the brilliant band and their myriad of changes and members with a insight that you just don’t get in most rock books. She also coloured the band in and you felt like you were there bang in the middle of their madness. The same can be said of her book on the Damned and the many articles she wrote for the music press like at the Melody Maker where she was one of the few people that were cool to work with providing a rare warmth and humanity in a strange and icy office atmosphere when I washed up there after the demise of Sounds.

And it was not only at the Melody Maker but in the journo world she was one of the people you felt an affinity with, you felt like you were on the same side.

Carol RIP.


4 Responses to Carol Clerk RIP

  1. RayGil says:

    Well written John, good artical.

  2. urdead2me says:

    RIP – Carol Clerk, 55, an esteemed rock critic, saw more rock’n’roll than most of us can imagine. Cancer took her away, but there’s still the music. Go put on something raucous–AC/DC maybe–and have a pint in her name. She’d like that.

  3. Mick Mercer says:

    Fine words John and I echo those sentiments. She was lovely.

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