BBC cuts/ 6music and Asian network

Lets get this right from the start, the BBC like the National Health is one of those great British institutions that make the heart beat with pride. I hate it when people like the Murdochs have  ago at the BBC with only their own  interests at heart.

Both orginisations have their critics and its difficult to keep huge, diverse operations in action but there is something about the quality of journalism at the BBC and its output that at its best is the best in the world.

But today’s decision to shut down 6music and the Asian networks is a disgrace. For far too long we have had to sit here and watch as our so called alternative medias have been chipped away one by one and if 6music was perhaps a tad too narrow in its musical brief it was a very welcome alternative to the dull, celeb obsessed trudge of mainstream media corporations.

Radio one has slowly because a celeb channel believing that people are fixated on the dull world of exclusive London clubs and footballers wives whose lives are a made up web of PR driven lies. It comes with a music policy that is increasingly cowardly in the day time whilst maintaining a fairly good evening policy of a patchwork quilt of everything else that is released (Mary Ann Hobbs show is genius)- mind you it still can’t give any space for any band that is slightly noisy even if said bands can easily sell out arenas and prove that they are pop music as well (because pop is short for popular and not short for what ‘experts’ think you should be listening to). This fear of rock has been a major blight in the mainstream for years- but that’s another story.

If 6music was a tad too expensive then it should have been cut back and not cut off. Compared to the annual Glastonbury romp when, according to the internet, 2 million was spent on the sending of a lot of people for the annual fun in the sun in a disportionate use of the music budget then the all the year round 6music was money well spent. the figures that the BBC spend floating around the net are shocking- check the bosses money and the amount that Jeremy Clarkson and Graham Norton get…

We live in a diverse country with a diverse and brilliant musical tradition and future- this was reflected by the likes of 6music and the Asian network, which we pay for. Today’s decision sees more dumbing down and more linear musical coverage in the UK. More cowtowing to Cowellworld and equivalent music theme parks full of dumb, orange skinned cabaret crooners.

The only good thing is that this decision may encourage people to withhold their license fee and put their money where they want- I would hate to see the break up of the BBC but like most people I want to see a BBC that at least reflects the interests of its licence fee payers.

Meanwhile the internet radio station that me and a consortium have been working on will now accelerate…


5 Responses to BBC cuts/ 6music and Asian network

  1. Gary says:

    Hear, hear! Really don’t know what’s so difficult about the notion that music radio stations should have a challenging and diverse playlist. But it seems to stump the powers that be. Best quote I ever heard about Peel’s programme was Ken Garner’s that each successive track he played challenged the assumptions generated in the listener by the previous one. That’s certainly what I’m looking for. Good luck with the internet radio station – I’m about to be made jobless so if you need any volunteers who don’t know anything about radio (how worse could it be)…

  2. Jason says:

    a) It’s not a decision, it’s a proposal.

    b) The figures for the high-earners aren’t that shocking, they’re perfectly normal for the media. Wrong, maybe; shocking, no.

    c) Withholding your license fee won’t do much. a) You’ll get fined, b) it’ll fuck up the BBC even more.

  3. Project Blue says:

    ..also what makes it worse is if the Tories hadn’t opened their traps..non of this would be happening.

    Job losses and the Tories go hand in hand.

  4. Judy Nylon says:

    Have followed your situ from a distance. Check out the aether link . I will flip you the patch to play with Max/Jitter and do my best via Skype to walk you through set up, if you are interested in the NO COST broadcast aspect of AV multi-source streaming.

    I am easier to contact than you are: paljudy on Twitter is best. With all of it… there is always more than one way. Best luck. J

  5. ruggedsi says:

    from a purely personal point of view… 6music would leave a gaping void in my aural activities.
    If your putting together a radio station then good luck, the success of RinseFM goes to show that quality underground content does have a place on the internet..

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