The new video for the upcoming Rammstein single ‘Pussy’ is hilarioushttp://www.visit-x.net/rammstein/

– taking rock music to its logical and ugly conclusion. Over a dark neo-eurobeat song the band croon about sex using every single German cliche they can think of in the lyrics. The video is pure porn and designed to annoy. There is no way it will get played anywhere but its desire to create a fuss will mean more than a million plays on those endless TV channels that drone on in the background.

Some will say that the video is sexist and degrading but that’s missing the point. Rammstein have always played this game- throwing up dark and ugly subject matter into the mainstream, causing trouble- its a rare harking back to the punk rock era of pushing boundaries and seeing what happens. It has no interest in ‘good taste’ and implicitly understands that good taste is the enemy of the revolution. It could be argued that it is pure porn to sell records or it could be argued that the men are getting more degraded than the women with their cliched sexual desires getting parodied by the band or it could have ben a sly joke by the group whose dark sense of humour has always been apparent on their great videos. Maybe all three are true- hopefully the band will never explain and leave the video there to confuse.

This is a rock music thats not pretending and owning up to the carnal lust that occupies its grubby heart and then exagerated go the point of comedy.


4 Responses to Rammstein

  1. kate dale says:

    Made my day lol and several other people i know ta for that…lol x kate dale…x

  2. Well said…thanks for that John x

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